Aric Rohner - Co-Founder

Aric is a visionary and solver. He spent 30 years in Information Technology, working for EDS and HP, ending up as an Information Systems Architect and security specialist. During that time, he had lots of interesting work to do and a great salary but was vaguely dissatisfied without really knowing why.

He also has a deep curiosity about personal and spiritual growth. He has been coaching and mentoring people for years and is co-authoring a book on the Enneagram.

What really lights him up is helping people connect with and achieve their dreams — having the deeper conversations with people, who are ready for things to change for the better, about what fills them and how they are receiving that in their life and in their business.

Starting The Trauma-informed Care Training Center with Carl is a fountain of blessing for Aric because he gets to combine and use all of his business, technical, and coaching skills at the same time for a really worthwhile purpose.


Our mission is to spread the concepts and practices of TIC to as many people as possible - to get it off the therapist’s couch, if you will.

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