Bethany Monteiro

Bethany Monteiro is continuously humbled and dedicated to serving marginalized communities both domestically and internationally.  She approaches this work by centering trauma-informed strategies to promote restorative solutions and equitable outcomes.

Disciplines of Expertise:

Professional Biography:

Bethany Monteiro has been a nonprofit programs creator and manager for the past 12 years, serving disadvantaged and traumatized communities both domestically and internationally. She brings a transformational leadership approach, which has gained her recognition in effectively centering trauma-informed strategies, equitable opportunities, and restorative solutions.

Bethany majored in Neuroscience with a bachelor’s degree from Earlham College. She began her career in Mozambique as an extended Peace Corps Volunteer assisting with public health campaigns and created a sustainable nutrition cooperative in collaboration with locals. Bethany discovered her passion for trauma-informed approaches in Mozambique and then further developed that passion when she moved back to her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and began serving the poorest, large city in the U.S. as the Prevention Services Manager at the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland. There she managed the LGBT+ youth program and engaged at-risk populations and thousands of Northeast Ohioans in HIV testing, prevention education, and advocacy.

She is currently the Director of Youth Programming at New Bridge Cleveland Center for Arts and Technology, she operationalizes out-of-school-time services for thousands of Cleveland families to engage their children in meaningful social and emotional learning programs. She also facilitates trauma-informed programs for homeless, domestic violence survivors and leads professional development training for hundreds of Cleveland professionals.

Throughout her travels and engaging with people from many walks of life, Bethany has learned that trauma is the root of human circumstance.  Bringing her diverse career background to the Trauma Informed Care Training Center, Bethany is delighted to join the team as a Consultant and Content Developer and to share her learnings and experiences with the world.


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