Dr. Natasha Rangel

Dr. Rangel is a dedicated trauma-informed advocate, leader, and life coach, empowering clients to overcome obstacles through healthy thought processes and outcomes.

She passionately coaches clients with life skills, intervention, crisis response, and safety planning in areas of domestic abuse, human trafficking, addiction, trauma, and recovery.

Dr Natasha Rangel

Disciplines of Expertise:

Professional Biography:

Dr. Natasha Rangel has over 17 years in leading, teaching, mentoring, and coaching in the areas of mental health, organizational learning, behavioral goals, and educational action planning. Dr. Rangel is a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach, Certified Trauma-Informed Practitioner, and possesses a B.A. in Psychology, M.Ed. in Organizational Behavior, and Ph.D. Organizational Leadership. As an experienced skilled leader, Dr. Rangel is dedicated to helping organizations sustain and excel in performance excellence. Her professional experience and skillsets provide opportunities for leveraging her relationships in industry to extend the best resources, services, and support for her clients.

Dr. Rangel is the President and CEO of a 501c(3) nonprofit, where her vision is to transform society’s response to domestic violence and sex trafficking through awareness, advocacy, and trauma-informed care. She is a certified and credentialed as a National Domestic Violence Advocate through NACP. Dr. Rangel’s focus is to capture victim and survivor resiliency in how trauma is transformed into healing.

Dr. Rangel works with clients whom have diverse trauma backgrounds that often lead to addictions and unhealthy behaviors. She believes family, community support, trauma-work, and recovery are crucial in the success of the addiction intervention and healing process. It can take a toll, with the rollercoaster of emotions that come with constant worry, and focusing on how to keep your loved one from relapsing. It is important to stay educated on how to support employees and loved ones. Engaging in your own self-care is important in keeping the recovery support system and healing, positive and strong!

Dr. Rangel brings hope and collaboration to clients and families with possibilities of achieving life goals with behavior intervention plans to improve and enhance their quality of life at home, workplace, school, and community. She empowers clients to overcome traumas, leading/resulting in substance abuse, addictions, and/or unhealthy behaviors by engaging in proactive thought processes. She provides clients and families with positive refocusing and reappraisal; regulatory strategies that results in a life of healthy reflection and  behaviors that encourages independence to MOVE FORWARD.

Dr. Rangel believes it is important to empower men and women in their own healing, walking beside them, leaving judgement at the door. She believes that we, society, are responsible for creating a safe climate that supports and promotes healing for those overcoming trauma and mental health, resulting in unhealthy behaviors, substance abuse, and suicide.

Dr. Rangel was honored as one of the top 50 Inspiring Women in San Antonio in 2020. Her work in the community as an advocate and Trauma-informed Care Practitioner was featured in an article in October of 2022. Dr. Rangel is praised for her strong faith and compassion, resiliency, professionalism, love for people, loyalty, and leadership excellence.  Dr. Rangel is a change maker stepping up to SAVE lives. She believes in recovery and restoration for your life, and that your life is worth saving!

Personal Biography:

Natasha is a faithful servant leader and woman of action. At 14, God revealed her gifts to love and serve. Natasha embraced life with Faith, Courage, Resiliency, and Perseverance. 

This TRANSFORMATIONAL experience, blossomed into a 501c(3), The S.A.V.E. Women’s Foundation. Natasha’s philanthropic mission is SAVING others, by escaping violence, through courage, voice; self-love; enabling them to move forward with purpose and hope for a fulfilling life. Natasha believes in giving back to the community. One important foundation for her is the Act of Service. Her passion is advocating for victims, and giving voice to those that do not have a voice.

Natasha is married to her best friend. They have 2 adult kids with one in college. She moved to San Antonio from Panama during her childhood years and has been in San Antonio most of her life. She enjoys the rich and vast culture of San Antonio and the Hill Country. When she is not helping others, she enjoys traveling to the Caribbean, salsa dancing, and working out. She absolutely loves people, and focuses on making a difference with each person she meets. 

When working with Natasha you can expect confidentiality, integrity, trust, transparency, and compassion. Her approaches are unique, and she is invested on your positive outcomes. 

As a mentor, coach, and client you can count on Natasha to help you gain clarity, think deeper, meet your expectations,  and achieve your goals. Natasha’s is known for treating her clients like her family. Natasha looks forward to the opportunity in getting to know you and mentoring you to the next level.

Natasha’s motto: “Setbacks propel you forward. Become better, not bitter. Bless others. Lead together. Be fearless in pursuit for life. Embrace yourself, and others with love, compassion, grace, and forgiveness. YOU are clothed with “strength and dignity”.  Blessings and warmest wishes, Natasha


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