How to Populate and Manage Your Group

Click "MANAGE MY GROUP" in the site's navigation menu

You can also click here: (opens in a new window).

You’ll need to be logged in to proceed with the below steps.

Select the group to manage with a click

You'll see the group dashboard

From the dashboard you can add or remove users and also run reports on your group’s progress.

Enrolling new users

There are three options for enrolling new users:

Option 1: Manually add them and the site will invite them to confirm their account

Option 2: Upload a CSV of users and the site will invite them to confirm their account

Option 3: Generate a ”Group Code” and send it to your users and they can register themselves

Note: Outlook users will be better served by entering an alternate email address. If an alternative is not an option, please look for emails from in Outlook’s “Other” or “Junk” folders.

Option 1: Manually add new users

Step 1: On the group dashboard, click “Enroll New User”

Step 2: Fill in the new user form and click “Submit”

The system will then invite the new user to complete the process of creating their account.


Option 2: upload a CSV file

NOTE: the CSV method can fail if too many people are added at one time. For large groups it’s a good idea to break the CSV out into groups of 10 or so.

Step 1: Prepare a CSV file of users

  • Create an empty spreadsheet, for example in Google Sheets or in Excel.
  • In the first row, put the row headings:  first name, last name, email
  • In the remaining rows, fill in the names of the students you want to register
  • Save the file in CSV format.

Step 2: Upload the CSV file

  • On the group dashboard, click “Enroll New User”
  • Click “Upload via CSV” on the “Enroll New Users” screen (see above)
  • Drag and drop the file or select it from your computer
  • Click “Upload”

The system will then invite the new user to complete the process of creating their account.

Option 3: Generate a group code

Step 1: Click “Group Code”. From here you can generate a code manually or automatically.

  • Choose the range of dates that this code will be in effect (required).
  • Validation rules are best avoided unless you need them for some reason.
  • Click “Submit”

Step 2: Activate your group code

  • Slide the “Code Status” switch to the right (active status).
  • Note: If you don’t activate the group code it will not work.
  • Highlight and copy the group code. (In this case it’s “Demo”).
Step 3: Invite your users An account will be generated for them, they’ll be enrolled in the group, and they’ll have access to whatever coursework has been assigned to the group.

Running reports

From the “Report” tab you can generate reports on your group to track their progress.

Step 1: Click “Reports”.

Step 2: Select the course you want to run a report for.

Step 3: Click “SHOW REPORT”.

A table will appear showing the progress of all group members for that course, as in the example below.

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