Imani Brooks-Wheeler

Imani Brooks-Wheeler is a multi-hyphenate professional and empathetic servant leader who extracts greatness out of individuals. She leads with a relationship-based approach, teaching others how to reframe their narratives and explore the power of post traumatic growth. She is a visionary pioneer who ignites true change through partnership. Moreover, Imani is an architect of transformative collaborations, a conduit for alignment and a strategist of limitless possibilities.

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Disciplines of Expertise:

Professional Biography:

Imani Brooks-Wheeler stands as a beacon of multifaceted expertise, embodying roles as a C-Suite Strategist, accomplished writer, Spiritual Care Advisor, Mediator for High-Net-Worth Individuals, and an aspiring Bioethicist. Her dynamic presence sparks transformative conversations at the crossroads of entrepreneurship, public policy, and spiritual care, reshaping perceptions of self-worth and divine connection.

With a foundation in Mass Media Arts – Broadcasting from Hampton University, Imani’s educational journey underscores her diverse skill set. A recognized voice in leadership and personal development, she holds certifications as a speaker, trainer, and coach from the John Maxwell Certification Program, alongside being a Certified Trauma Support Specialist via the Arizona Trauma Institute and a Certified DISC Behavioral Consultant. Imani is finalizing her mediator certification with the National Association of Certified Mediators and boasts accredited chaplaincy training from esteemed institutions like Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, TX and UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, CA.

Imani’s executive coaching is tailored for female business leaders, drawing from her extensive experience as an executive business partner at several Fortune 500 companies and reputable nonprofits. She possesses keen insight into the complexities of unresolved trauma within corporate spheres, offering a unique perspective on how internal struggles manifest externally, affecting both professional and personal realms. Her innovative 30-page curriculum, crafted in April 2022, stands as a cornerstone for mastermind groups or community building among executive women, aiming to bridge the gap between external success and internal fulfillment. 

Beyond the corporate world, Imani’s passion extends to the entertainment industry, offering emotional wellness training for actors undergoing demanding roles and ensuring spiritual care in both preproduction and postproduction phases. Additionally, her expertise in mediation serves high-profile individuals seeking to resolve significant disputes discreetly, away from the media’s speculative spins. This specialized service underscores her commitment to confidentiality and impactful, behind-the-scenes support for her celebrity clientele, available strictly by referral.

Career Highlights:

  • Spearheaded emotional recovery efforts and conducted a spiritual care triage alongside the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for the TSA employees during the November 2013 LAX Airport shooting. Widely hailed for the implementation of crisis communications and peace resolution techniques, resulting in a personal invitation to join Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Crisis Response Team.
  • Solicited by The Potters House of Dallas, Inc. to provide public relations services and ensure high engagement from global media personnel at the esteemed MegaFest Conference featuring over 50,000 international participants. 
  • Personally appointed as the Assistant Media Director and Chaplain to the Olympians for a major nonprofit’s outreach at the 2012 Olympics in London, England. I was featured in the December 2011 online issue of a major Australian magazine due to widespread acclaim regarding the post. 
  • Chosen to stand as the CEO’s proxy for substantive White House Meetings with the following offices: White House Office of Public Engagement, White House Health Community Engagement, White House Special Announcements from the Biden Administration, and White House Briefings.
  • Chosen as the representative for the human resource department’s philanthropic feedback on a company-wide panel at an internationally acclaimed humanitarian organization.
  • Spearheaded short-term and long-term donor relations objectives for the Barbara Bush Foundation’s National Summit on Adult Literacy featuring Dr. Jill Biden and the National Celebration of Reading Gala honoring LeVar Burton, Lupita Nyong’o and countless other nationally renowned changemakers.
  • Spoke at a fundraising gala featuring the most upscale philanthropists in the San Francisco Bay Area. My vibrant, three-minute-long speech resulted in the most lucrative influx of donations since the event’s inception.


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