Jessica Englehart

Jessica is committed to empowering and equipping others to recognize their fullest capacities.

She is inspired by introspective work and life-long learning.

Disciplines of Expertise:

Consultation Focus Areas:

Professional Biography:

Jessica is a Licensed Clinical Counselor (LPCC-S), Registered Art Therapist (ATR) and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with experience working with individuals and groups, including adults and youth, across various settings. Her clinical work has ranged from private practice to hospital-, school-, and community-based settings with all ages. Jessica is a Level 1 MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) Teacher. Her approach is mindfulness-based, strengths-based and solution-focused, with treatment of depression, anxiety, attention difficulties, mood dysregulation, relationship issues, trauma, compulsive behaviors, low self-esteem, and stress using talk and expressive therapies. Jessica provides psychotherapy to individuals and couples. She has developed and facilitated experiential trainings, retreats, group classes, and one-time workshops. Jessica integrates experiential learning, introspective reflection, trauma-informed approaches and mindfulness principles into all of her work.

Personal Biography:

Jessica’s personal conviction is that we all have innate capacity to heal and grow beyond what we believe possible. She believes that while we acquire habits and patterns in our lives we later find we are ready to leave behind, giving ourselves permission and grace to care for ourselves may not come so readily. Jessica aims to provide support to individuals and groups to access this vast potential to develop more functional ways to respond to stress, let go of what no longer serves us, and relate to our lives with greater ease. During her teens and early 20s, Jessica suffered severe panic attacks and depression. With no early access to professional support and surrounded by the stigmatization of mental health, she did not find help until early adulthood. Until then, yoga and meditation provided grounding and helped Jessica relate to her body in healthier ways. Art-making also served as a refuge. Jessica approaches recovery and healing from an integrative approach, because it’s what keeps her feeling whole. She is guided by her daily personal yoga and sitting meditation practice. Jessica’s dog, Juniper, inspires her to recognize the power of unconditional love, let go of expectations, stay present, trust innate wisdom, and embrace joy as it arises.


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