Kaycee Hodges

Kaycee passionately dedicates herself to empowering her colleagues in early childhood education, along with any individuals engaged with young children.  By sharing insights and strategies aimed at crafting environments that nurture children’s growth and learning. Her commitment involves not just the distribution of knowledge but also active collaboration and support to ensure every child benefits from a safe, encouraging, and stimulating space where their developmental needs are met and their potential can flourish.

Kaycee Hodges

Disciplines of Expertise:

Professional Biography:

Kaycee Hodges shines brightly in the early childhood arena, with over thirty years of unparalleled expertise. Her entrepreneurial spirit came to life with the founding of a leading childcare and preschool business, where she quickly revealed her innate ability for educational programming, leadership, and operational management. Kaycee’s hands-on approach in managing a team of up to 38 staff members created a vibrant and caring atmosphere, highlighting her extraordinary leadership skills.

Beyond her managerial expertise, Kaycee excels in developing sophisticated business strategies, financial plans, and budgets, ensuring the prosperity and expansion of any organization she collaborates with. Her comprehensive educational background in management and early childhood education—spanning critical areas such as special needs care, literacy, nutrition, and safety—enhances her practical experience. Her commitment to compliance has seen her successfully navigate the complexities of building codes, health regulations, and quality standards, setting the gold standard for operational excellence.

Since steering Kid Kountry Child Development Center in 1993, Kaycee has led the charge in instituting exemplary educational programs that have resulted in long waiting lists and high parental approval. Her initiatives cater to various developmental stages, from preschool to school-aged children, with an emphasis on promoting intergenerational connections. Thanks to Kaycee’s talent for securing grants and organizing inventive fundraising efforts, the center has seen significant enhancements in resources and services. Moreover, her dedication to forging strong community links, particularly with local health services, has been instrumental in advancing community health and wellness.

Kaycee’s vast qualifications include a Child Development Associate Credential, a minor in early childhood education, and an associate degree from Western Montana College, along with numerous certifications and extensive professional development. Her influence spans beyond her business through active participation in professional bodies, earning prestigious positions in professional registries, and earning compliments for her contributions to childcare excellence.

A notable addition to Kaycee’s repertoire is her provision of training in all aspects of business and childcare, with a special emphasis on fostering guidance and supportive environments for children. This focus underscores her holistic approach to leadership and her dedication to nurturing the growth and development of both children and childcare professionals.

Ready to channel her profound industry insights and innovative educational strategies into leadership roles, Kaycee is poised to make meaningful contributions across various business landscapes. Her career embodies her steadfast dedication to childcare excellence, educational innovation, and the application of sound business management principles.


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