Keturah Pascal

Keturah is dedicated to addressing health disparities amongst marginalized populations by collaborating with at-risk communities to reduce Adverse Child Experienced-related outcomes, Keturah’s primary focus includes building resilience, and providing resources to improve health outcomes. Keturah’s goal is to educate and empower underserved communities in trauma to begin the healing process, provide direct support to area health education center student learners and educational and community-based partners in developing information and activities at the community level that will enhance resiliency to address public health needs and concerns.

Disciplines of Expertise:

Professional Biography:

Keturah grew up in a nuclear family for most of her childhood until her parents separated, which had a significant impact on her outlook of life. As the only girl with five brothers, Keturah quickly adapted and developed a tough persona. Her family dynamic shifted drastically when her parents divorced while she was a teenager.

Keturah’s formal education includes A.S. in HR and Business Management from Housatonic Community College, B.S. in Sociology and Business Management from Southern Connecticut State University, and a Masters in Sociology from Southern Connecticut State University.

Keturah’s work experience in addition to her educational background has allowed her to come full circle in her current position as a Program Assistant/Data Coordinator at Be the Change CT Southwestern AHEC, Inc. Keturah earned her Master’s in Sociology from Southern Connecticut State University in 2015. Throughout her career Keturah has worked with diverse populations in regard to gender, age, race and ethnicity. These experiences have allotted her the professionalism and benevolence needed to be versatile in any work environment. Her passion for not only identifying disparities amongst minority populations but now being on the forefront of planning and implementing viable solutions, through research-based incentives fits perfectly with Keturah’s passion for being the change.

Some of her hobbies include traveling, bargain shopping and reading. Throughout her educational career Keturah always exceeded expectations and earned a place on the Dean’s list for distinguished academic achievements. Keturah is  also a member of the National Honor Society and Delta Chi ABT Fraternity. Bringing a plethora of experience and knowledge to the workplace, Keturah is a dynamic leader.


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