Virtual Live Training in Trauma-Informed Care

In need of a group training for your team or organization? We’re happy to help.

We offer Virtual-Live training programs that can range from two hours to multiple days. They can be spaced out over weeks or months, or they can happen in one fell swoop. We are flexible.

And the beauty of Virtual-Live lies in its flexibility!

And affordability!

We have a number of programs ready to be delivered, or we can create a customized training based around your needs and/or challenges.

We really like creating custom programming!

Here are a few of the programs we’ve already developed:

Our trainers cover a very diverse range of expertise and lived experiences. We will do our noble best to match you with the perfect person for your team.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

We’re typically booked up a pretty solid two to three months out. If you need a training, “like, yesterday” we’ll try to accommodate your needs. But the most realistic approach is to think two months from now, at least.

Our programs are crafted to emphasize interactivity and create opportunities for transformative learning. In order for that to be effective, we try to limit group sizes to twenty participants. There’s some wiggle room there, but if you have 200 people you want trained, they’ll have to be broken out into smaller cohorts.

Unless we deliberately set up something like an ongoing “lunch and learn”, anything less than two hours is not likely to be a useful and/or meaningful training. We can do a whole lot longer, but we can’t do shorter.

While we will certainly consider providing a program to a single individual or very small group, in most cases that plan just doesn’t make good financial sense for you or your organization. You’re likely better off choosing our online training and certification:

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