Nina Elliot

Nina is committed to helping her clients get out of pain and live an active and fulfilling life.

She is dedicated to addressing pain on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions in order to resolve pain at its source.

Nina Elliott

Disciplines of Expertise:

Personal Biography:

Nina grew up in Baltimore, Maryland with 2 parents and 3 brothers.  Her mom was a stay at home mom who grew up in an abusive home with a distant mother and abusive father.  Her father spent a year in a behavioral health hospital when she was an infant and was released with medications and a diagnosis of grand delusional schizophrenia, which he kept managed or hidden so well that no one really knew it or saw it during her lifetime.

Nina spent much time alone and checked out as a child.  But she naturally discovered meditation when she was about 13—learning that sitting still and turning inwards felt good and gave her a sense of peace. She unknowingly took on her mother’s attitude of not feeling worthy of a healthy relationship and at 16 began a seven-year relationship that was physically and emotionally abusive. At the age of 35 Nina finally recognized her disorganized attachment style and the necessity for inner healing in order to have healthy relationships with significant others and friends. 

She took ten years of intentional self-development doing personal growth and healing work in a variety of modalities for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual work. Through this period she further developed the desire to help others do their own inner healing work so that they too could have healthier work and personal lives. 

Nina developed an interest in Trauma-Informed Care after witnessing, during somatic work, how the body’s cells have a memory of all of the unprocessed adverse childhood and adulthood events. She can assist her clients in releasing and processing these cell memories through Myofascial Release (the John F Barnes approach) and other techniques. Her energetic work with clients also showed that healing childhood trauma helped her adult clients improve physical ailments including digestive issues and acute and chronic pain. 

To further this Trauma-Informed Care work, she became a founding member and mentor for the Trauma-Informed Care Training Center.

Professional Biography:

Nina Elliott graduated from University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a degree in German & Russian and a minor in Psychology.  She worked in customer service throughout college and then worked at Visa International for 13 years.  She did phone customer service, corporate training (facilitation and instructional design), leadership training, business analysis, and project management.  She ended her corporate career as a Business Leader managing international training teams and projects.

After progressing up the corporate ladder, she decided that she had two passions: helping people heal and teaching.

She attended the Massage Institute of Maryland and quickly got her Massage Therapy License in 2008. Her vision was to own her own business doing therapeutic, healing massage and teaching.  In September 2011, Nina started doing Massage Therapy full-time.  She’s worked in a variety of environments: gym, hospice, salon, and now in her private practice.  She has also taught massage techniques, anatomy, ethics, and business classes.

She has helped over 300 people get out of pain.  She has taken over 600 hours of professional training.  Her specialties include: Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Emotional Freedom Technique, SOS Meditation, and Yoga. Nina continues to learn to offer her clients the newest techniques for the best results. 

She is an award-winning speaker. She has organized and facilitated life-changing, transformational retreats for many years.  She currently holds monthly public talks on holistic solutions to relieving pain as well as teaching yoga and meditation.

Nina offers hope and solutions to men, women, and children, who have been let down by traditional medicine, as they sought means to alleviate pain. She delves into the source of their pain in order to connect them to the source of their healing.

Nina’s program teaches people with pain:

  • Tools to get out of pain
  • Strategies to tap into their inner healer
  • How to re-train their brain to eliminate the pain message
  • The mindset shift from a pain-filled life to an active, fulfilling life

Nina believes that too often we focus on developing one aspect of ourselves and forget that we are multi-dimensional beings in need of overall balance and harmony. All of her work and teachings incorporate this belief.  She uses Trauma-informed, Aware, and Responsive techniques in her bodywork, energy work, yoga instruction, meditation classes, speaking engagements, and day-to-day interactions.  These techniques have helped her have more harmonious relationships and guide her clients into deeper healing.


Our mission is to spread the concepts and practices of TIC to as many people as possible - to get it off the therapist’s couch, if you will.

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