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Theodore Roosevelt

Quiz Issue Reporting

We'd like to get you moving forward in the course as quickly as possible, so let's address this in two parts.

Part One:

Let's give the quiz the answer it is looking for, even if it's not the best answer in your opinion. Here's how you can find out what answer(s) to give:

  • If you’re not currently at the end of the quiz (where it is giving you a score) take the quiz.
  • Just beneath your score, you will see a “View Questions” button.  Click that button.
  • Scan the questions, looking for red boxes.  For any question the quiz thinks you got wrong, there will be a red box.  See the example question below.
  • For each “red box” question, note the answer highlighted in green.  That’s the answer the quiz thinks is correct.  Note the question and that answer.
  • Take the quiz again giving it the answers it is looking for.  That way you can continue with the course.

Part Two:

Let's get our answer key updated if it's wrong. For that, please use the form below to report the problem.

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