Teffany Ulrich

Teffany is passionate about honoring the intersectionality of every person, meeting them where they are today.

Trauma Informed Care Mentor

Disciplines of Expertise:

Professional Biography:

Teffany Ulrich has worked in the Juvenile Justice & Child Welfare sector for 25 years. Teffany serves as the Juvenile Justice Services Director at the Child Savings Institute (“CSI”). Under her leadership and direction, Teffany is responsible for partnering with Nebraska Juvenile Probation, the Department of Health and Human Services, and other entities in developing and successfully launching the Youth Reception Center.

Teffany started her career in law enforcement as a county officer, group leader in a residential facility, and a juvenile detention specialist with the Douglas County Youth Center.  Later she served six years with the Sarpy County Juvenile Justice Center as a Senior Supervisor.

During Teffany’s tenure with the Sarpy County Juvenile Justice Center, she discovered her passion for interacting with the youth in a more therapeutic environment. Teffany believes in meeting every individual where they are currently at in life, while meeting their unmet need. 

Prior to joining CSI, Teffany was the assistant vice president for child welfare and juvenile justice at Heartland Family Services.

Teffany holds a Master’s in Crime Management and Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Administration from Bellevue University. 

Teffany currently serves on the following Community Boards and Committees within the State of Nebraska:

  • Alternative to Detention
  • Juvenile to Detention Alternative Initiative
  • Nebraska Runaway Task Force
  • Missing Youth Treatment Team
  • Coalition on Human Trafficking
  • Nebraska Association of Homes & Services for Children
  • Child Saving Institute-Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


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