Trina Cornelison, LPC, CIMHP, CCTP, RYT-200

Trina knew from the age of 11 that she wanted to be a therapist when she grew up. This was after a life changing relationship with a therapist at that age. Trina has continued her own personal journey of self exploration, self understanding and healing since that time. She feels truly grateful and honored to be able to work with others on their own healing journey. She is particularly interested in how our childhood experiences impact our brain and nervous system and influence how we see ourselves, each other, and the world. Recognizing the widespread impact of developmental trauma, Trina feels driven to bring trauma-informed care education and training to as many people and professions as possible.

Trina Cornelison

Disciplines of Expertise:

Professional Biography:

Trina has been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2010 and worked in a variety of roles, both clinical and administrative. Clinically, Trina has worked in college counseling, public mental health, IOP/PHP programs, and private practice. She has also had the opportunity to provide subject matter expertise in the development and implementation of statewide behavioral health programming for Medicaid beneficiaries with the SC Department of Health and Human Services. In addition, Trina served as Executive Director of a state program whose mission was to ensure continuing development and delivery of appropriate services to children in SC with the most severe and complex emotional or behavioral health challenges.

In 2020, Trina began a professional journey that has led to renewed energy and direction for the work that she does with others. It began with taking a course to become a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional. This ignited a passion for continuing to learn how to integrate the whole body into traditional talk therapy. From there, Trina trained in Subtle Yoga for Behavioral Health Professionals, an 18 month process, where she fell in love with the healing power of yoga. This was as much a personal journey as a professional one as Trina began to see how yoga transformed her own well being. Most recently, Trina is continuously learning about polyvagal theory and somatic interventions for healing trauma and chronic stress. She is passionate about helping others learn how to tap into the healing power already present within their own bodies and creating a nurturing relationship with themselves.


Our mission is to spread the concepts and practices of TIC to as many people as possible - to get it off the therapist’s couch, if you will.

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